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Dialed In 用可微调的精准贴合帮助您有出色表现

The BOA Fit System


Dialed In precision fit illustration

Dialed In.

Micro-adjustable, precision fit with on-the-fly tightening and loosening for more dynamic and responsive control.

Dialed In precision fit heel illustration

Locked In.

A connected, secure fit locks in the heel and provides stability along the midsole — designed to improve power and efficiency.

Dialed In precision fit midsole illustration


Engineered and built to empower peak performance, BOA dials and lace are tested and proven to withstand rain, sweat, and freezing temps.



创始人Gary Hammerslag 由于厌倦了在山峰间运动时系鞋带所浪费的时间,化失望为创意。在2001年,BOA创立于科罗拉多的落基山脉 —— 那里是我们至今仍称之为“家”的发源地。创新系统改变了产品性能,带来了全新的舒适体验。