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Salomon S/PRO Supra 120 BOA

BOA® 适配系统提供可微调的精准贴合,为在最严苛的条件下维持卓越表现而精心 设计。

Salomon S/PRO Supra 120 BOA兼具更多优点,一流的脚跟抓地力和 面面俱到的掌控。

Redefining Peak Performance.

We're a group of Pioneers whose goal is to constantly push boundaries and ensure athletes perform at their peak. Our roots are on the mountain, and launching the BOA Fit System in alpine skiing was a natural step for us. We worked with the world’s top ski boot brands to build the best-performing boots on the mountain, delivering micro-adjustable, precision fit for superior heel hold and edge-to-edge control, engineering them to perform in the toughest conditions.

H-series: 旋转调整 + 快速释放


  • 向下压启用
  • 旋转拧紧
  • 旋转释放
  • 向上拔起快速释放

Dial And Lace Specs


H+i1是适合高山滑雪场景的贴合解决方案。此技术经过35,000小时的研发和5,500小时的现场测试. H+i1有助于实现可微调的精确贴合,均匀包裹足中段,在至为恶劣的条件下保障卓越的后跟固定度和边缘到边缘控制。